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Teaching Statement

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At Lehigh University

Principles of Marketing, MKT111

Fall 2018 - 2020. 2022, 2023; Spring 2022

Sections 010, 012, 013, 015, 020, 021

This is an introductory course in marketing, designed to provide students with an up-to-date and relevant overview of the field of marketing. It explores the functional marketing operations of organizations and examines the key elements of a marketing manager’s decision making process. The emphasis of this course lies in gaining an understanding of the core concepts of marketing and its interrelatedness with other business functions through real-world application. The goal of this course is to provide students with a set of approaches and concepts to consider when faced with a marketing problem, and to develop the ability to formulate effective marketing strategies.

Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategy, MKT313

Fall 2022, 2023; Spring 2022

Section 010

This course introduces students to the fast changing field of advertising and promotion management. Audiences, along with media and methods for reaching them, have become increasingly fragmented and regionalized. This change is leading marketers and agencies to approach advertising and promotion from an integrated perspective, an IMC approach which calls for a big picture approach in planning marketing and promotional programs. To fully understand how integrated marketing communication works it is necessary to establish a strong theoretical basis on the nature of communication. The deeper the knowledge of the psychological basis, the more students will understand about why certain campaigns worked or did not work. A strength of the course is integrating the theory with case studies, marketing applications, and promotional campaigns. Students are required to develop a promotional campaign and evaluate its effectiveness.

Industry/Non-Profit partners for ad campaign projects:

Fall 2023 - Goblies (Mezzimatic)

Fall 2022 - Mera Kitchen Collective

Spring 2022 - Conservation Voters of PA (CVPA)


Industry guest speakers:

Fall 2023 - HotHouse Inc., Edible brands, comScore, The Rose Group

Fall 2022 - Instagram, Nanit, Kastner USA, comScore

Spring 2022 - Meta, Instagram, Untitled LLC, comScore

At the Wharton School

Advertising Management, MBA course, MKTG724

Spring 2016-2018

Sections 001, 002, 003

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to learn and apply the major frameworks, theories, current research findings, principles and practices of effective advertising management as part of an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program. By the end of this course, students should not only be familiar with a large body of advertising knowledge, but should also be able to apply this information to create and evaluate effective advertising strategies and tactics. The emphasis will be on: 1) understanding the psychology of customer motivation and persuasion; 2) crafting effective and creative messages; 3) making efficient selections and use of media; and 4) understanding metrics, all within the broader Integrated Marketing Communications perspective. The course will incorporate presentations of key concepts and frameworks, in-class exercises and analysis of advertisements, case discussions, and guest lectures by marketing professionals. Throughout the term, students will work in groups to develop a marketing communications campaign.

Industry partners for ad campaign projects:

Spring 2018 - Burlington stores

Spring 2017 - Dove chocolate

Spring 2016 - Gap Fit; AT&T

Industry guest speakers:

Spring 2018 - Facebook, Google, R/GA, Untitled LLC, comScore

Spring 2017 - Google, comScore, Untitled LLC, Mars

Spring 2016 - comScore, Untitled LLC, Gap, Intertrend, AT&T, Matt & Marie's

Intro to Marketing, Undergraduate course, MKTG101


Fall 2016, Spring 2017 - Head Teaching Assistant, sections 202, 210, 220 (honors)

Fall 2015, Spring 2016 - Teaching assistant, sections 202, 209, 212

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the concepts, analyses, and activities that comprise marketing management, and to provide practice in assessing and solving marketing problems. The course is also a foundation for advanced electives in Marketing as well as other business/social disciplines. Topics include marketing strategy, customer behavior, segmentation, market research, product management, pricing, promotion, sales force management and competitive analysis.

Strategic Marketing Simulation, MBA course, MKTG613 (teaching assistant)


January 2017, 2016

Luxury Retailing in Italy and Beyond, MBA global module, MKTG897 (teaching assistant)


May 2016

Other Teaching Experiences

Integrated Marketing Communications, Intensive Undergraduate Summer course

Lorenzo de' Medici - the Italian International Institute, Rome Campus

Summer 2014, 2013

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is one of the most exciting and stimulating areas in modern marketing. Its importance has grown dramatically in the recent decades. The means through which we communicate all around the world have been affected by new technological advances. These advances, for instance the Internet, have enabled and eased interaction on a global scale. Therefore, marketers are looking for new means of communication that can better gain the attention of customers. This course will examine the theory and techniques applicable today to all the major marketing communication functions: advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling. It will allow students to research and evaluate a company’s marketing and promotional situation and use this information to develop effective communication strategies and programs.

Teaching Assistant, Sapienza University of Rome

Fall 2011 - Spring 2015

Undergraduate courses: Marketing; Marketing Strategy; Management; Business Organization

Graduate courses: Advanced Marketing; Corporate and Marketing Communication; Strategic Management; Advanced Business Organization; Business Game (Markstrat module)

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